Security zone with controlled access, monitoring and safekeeeping 24/7

To guarantee cargo protection AAACESA uses both Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) and X-Ray machines to export goods, two grid value rooms with 700m3 capacity, an internal vault with facial recognition, a strongroom and up to 80 security guards in the facility.

With this installed infrastructure, AAACESA is in a very high position to compete and adapt itself to the upcoming changes in the customs business area.

Certification OEA (Authorised Economic Operator), certification that strenghten the foreign trade chain through security standards and expedite certain obligations to the authorities.

REAL TIME MONITORING and CONTROL of your shipments

AAACESA currently has a CCTV system with high-definition cameras that help to monitor the handling of the cargo, guaranteeing its safety throughout the storage process.

AAACESA has a monitoring center with over 185 cameras, that are monitoring every movement the cargo goes through the company’s facilities 24 hours a day.

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