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Security zone with controlled access, monitoring and safekeeeping 24/7.

To guarantee cargo protection AAACESA uses both Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) and X-Ray machines to export goods, grid value rooms and up to 150 security guards in the facility.

With this installed infrastructure, AAACESA is in a very high position to compete and adapt itself to the upcoming changes in the customs business area.

Certification OEA (Authorised Economic Operator), certification that strenghten the foreign trade chain through security standards and expedite certain obligations to the authorities.

Real time monitoring and control of your shipments

AAACESA currently has a CCTV system with high-definition cameras that help to monitor the handling of the cargo, guaranteeing its safety throughout the storage process.

AAACESA has a monitoring center with over 350 cameras, that are monitoring every movement the cargo goes through the company’s facilities 24 hours a day.


AAACESA offers integral services and tracking for several industries.

The company has a unique Traceability System with the ability to register in real time not merely the physical location of cargo but also the temperature it is exposed during the whole process, from the moment it’s offloaded from the aeroplane, in the handling process, storage and finally its delivery in the transport units.

Automated and active evaluation of the temperature in the cold rooms is constantly overseen 24/7.

AAACESA’s highly qualified staff receives training in handling and tracking of goods on an ongoing basis. They work under the most demanding excellence standards, supporting customers to guarantee the correct handling of their goods.


Ground Handling Agent(GHA)

•  Management of Import/Export handling of cargo with the corresponding customs.
•  Document management and control for Import/Export.
•  Information Gathering and administration directly from the source (airlines).
•  Ground handling services for the customer service department with the airline.
•  Supervision of Breakdown and Buildup for offloading and loading cargo in the airplane


AAACESA has various Certifications to provide quality, excellence and safety services:


Third Country Regulated Agent to export goods authorised by the European Community airlines, from Mexico to any destination in Europe.

Acknowledges the company as a safe exporter to any destination in Europe, preventing acts of illegal interference throughout the supply chain.


Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Handling. Establishes a worldwide standard with the purpose of improving the safety and correct handling of the pharmaceutical products in all of the supply chain, guaranteeing the safety of the products released into the market that are in optimal conditions, integrity and e¬ciency for their consumption.

Authorised Economic Operator.

Certi cation that strenghten the foreign trade chain through security standards and expedite certain obligations to the authorities


Safe Cargo Operator

Allows exporting cargo to the USA, Canada and the rest of the world.


AAACESA is the only bonded warehouse with COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for Protection Against Health Risks) Health License for handle biological products and vaccines, which certi es the company as a company specialized in handle pharmaceutical products

ISO 9001:2015

For Quality Management Systems.

Regulates the quality management systems for companies that provide services