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AAACESA started operations in 1994 at time when there was a high demand for services from bonded warehouses. Since then, AAACESA’s vision was to become the leading company in customs services in Mexico.

AAACESA offers the largest volume in cold rooms, cutting-edge technology, security and traceability of goods as well as the largest preliminary recognition area in order to release cargo faster and effectively, which sets our company apart.

AAACESA has a Distribution Center just 3 km away and also a General Warehouse next to the Customs Office of the Mexico City International Airport (Francisco Sarabia Street).


AAACESA has always been at the forefront, offering bonded services by strict quality norms and the safety & security standards that the world currently calls for.

AAACESA´s mission is to foster, steer and facilitate mexican foreign trade by providing bonded warehousing services with world-class standards, aiming to the satisfaction of our clients


To become the leading company in customs services in Mexico in order to provide to our clients the most modern, safe and competitive alternatives, through functional, efficient, processes and cutting-edge technology, integrated by professional and honest personnel committed with a quality service and to ensure our clients satisfaction.


In AAACESA, we aim to exceed the expectations to our clients by offering them quality services and high added value regarding the transfer, handling, safekeeping and warehousing for foreign trade cargo, based on our values which are:

•  Efficiency.
•  Commitment.
•  Honesty.
•  Quality service
•  Teamwork
•  Productivity.


AAACESA‘s highly qualified staff receives training in handling and tracking of goods on an ongoing basis. They work under the most demanding excellence standards, supporting customers to guarantee the correct handling of their goods.
The workforce is well trained for cargo handling in cold rooms, state-of-the-art technology, digital and analog graphic monitoring as well as in real-time temperature tracking.
AAACESA’s personnel is highly trained and certified by IATA, in the manipulation and control of:

•  Pharmaceutical products.
•  Perishable products.
•  Livestock.
•  Dangerous goods.