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AIFA Bonded Warehouse.

For over more than 29 years, AAACESA has positioned itself as the leading customs bonded warehouse of the Mexico City International Airport, offering services of storage, cargo handling, and custody of godos. In february of 2023, AAACESA starts operations within the AIFA’s cargo terminal "NLU".

AAACESA has become the largest infrastructure warehouse inside Mexico City International Airport’s Customs area, with the greatest installed capacity for a proper cargo storage, as well as specific areas for assembling and flight reception, maneuvering yards, and the largest spaces to speed up priors custom broker inspections and outgoing. departures.


The largest area for your cargo.

At AIFA’s cargo terminal, AAACESA also wants to consolidate its leadership, offering an infrastructure of about 9,600 m2 as a storage area with 2 bonded warehouses: one for the reception of import cargo and another for export cargo with 3,100 m2 and an infrastructure with up to 13,262 m3 to provide services for cargo that requires cold chain.

AAACESA cares about ongoing improvement through the implementation of reliable procedures for all of its clients, providing 24/7 service all year round in all the company's warehouses.

As part of the advantage provided by the company, AAACESA works with the best qualified staff human team with IATA certifications, which enables them to properly handle the cargo.


In order to ensure proper storage of goods at the NLU, AAACESA has surface of over 103,333 square feet, and it’s building a space dedicated to custom broker inspections priors, of more than 25,800 square feet.

There will be about 4,000 rack positions, segregating the load according to the type of load and / or the movement it requires. So as to support the preliminary recognition operations of our clients, AAACESA provides spaces to facilitate the administrative duties generated by it, accelerating, and benefiting their operational processes.

Build-Up & Breakdown.

AAACESA offers over 33,360 square feet of sterile area for simultaneous flight build-ups, guaranteeing the safety of the air freight export, with the support of solid processes and procedures.

To speed up and handle cargo more effectively, AAACESA has different automotive equipment, offering service with forklifts from 2 to 10 tons, electric forklifts, hydraulic lifts and dollies, along with over 70 slave pallets.

Cold Chain.

An important challenge for AAACESA’s cold chain is to offer our customers the best service and to guarantee that their goods will always meet the conditions established by institutions such as COFEPRIS, offering cold rooms in its bonded warehouses.

Thanks to one of the largest cold chain infrastructure at both MEX and NLU customs area, AAACESA continues to strengthen its leadership in the storage of both perishable and pharmaceutical products. Inside the NLU AAACESA facilities, the company offers a surface of over 18,300 square feets with 7 cold rooms with 3 different temperature ranges, such as: temperature controlled (15-25°C), refrigeration (2 to 8°C) and freezing (10 to -25°C).

For cargo requiring special temperature conditions, AAACESA will offer up to 1,000 rack positions, ensuring proper cargo storage.

In the same way, there will be a special area for freight containers with over 16 charge positions, easing the cargo handling throughout its storage process.
An important commitment for AAACESA, is to offer not only the best service but also the best conditions to guarantee our clients’ products to be always in the temperature ranges that are required.

Automated and active evaluation of the temperature in the cold rooms is constantly overseen 24/7.


The company has a unique Traceability System with the ability to register in real time not merely the physical location of cargo but also the temperature it is exposed to during the whole process, from the moment it is offloaded unloaded from the aeroplane, in the handling process, storage and its eventual delivery in the transport units.

We use cutting-edge technological tools, apps, and a web portal, in order to accelerate our customers’ operations inside the company.


Security is one of the most important aspects for AAACESA, and for this reason AAACESA has a restricted access area for high-value goods, with the support of a modern Monitoring & Video Surveillance Center, 24 hours, all year round with about 86 cameras, security guards and an access control system within the different areas of the company, besides X-Ray equipment and an Explosives Trace Detector (ETD).


AAACESA, is certified by different organizations as a reliable business entity:

At NLU AAACESA recently was granted with the RA3 Third Country Regulated Agent certification to export goods authorized by European Community aviation, from Mexico to any destination in Europe.

The company is working to get the same certifications that are held in MEX (AICM): ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems; OEA: Authorized Economic Operator; OCS: Safe Cargo Operator.

AAACESA has always been at the forefront, offering bonded services by strict quality norms and the safety & security standards that the world currently calls for. Behind AAACESA Group there is the commitment of a leader.


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